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Since the Middle Age, the region of Gujarat is famous overseas for the skill of its craftsmen in stone carving and other works. Their heritage is still alive, and we are inviting you to observe them working and get their knowledge. The workshops that are conducted by the artisans with our help gives you the opportunity to learn the art of transforming textiles, metals, stone, wood, clay, etc.


- embroidery workshop with artisans nomads of Kutchh.
- dyeing workshop : you'll learn various techniques of dyeing cotton cloth, the ajrakhpur indigo dyeing technique, tie and dye, batik, etc.
- weaving workshop with shale weaver of Kutchh.


You'll learn to turn the local potter weal on the floor and create various types of pots.


During the jewellery workshop, you'll be initiated to the art of designing and creating pearl jewels, as well ad silver objects, simple or with semi-precious stones.


You'll learn various traditional techniques of construction and decoration with mud.

Stone and wood carving

You'll be guided by building craftsmen of Gujarat for learning how to handle the tools necessary for wood or stone carving.


For those who are interested in the age old health science of India, we are conducting a workshop to learn the basic of ayurveda and get accustomed to the most important plants and remedies of the treaties.


A yoga teacher will accompany beginner or people already knowing yoga to learn the important techniques and postures.

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