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From the green hills of Dangs, to the white desert of Kutchh, Gujarat offers you all type of landscapes! In Kutchh, you can enjoy the sand beaches of the sea coast, and also discover the salt desert, a unique experience that you won't be able to experience anywhere else in India! You can also climb the black hills, Kala Dungar, and enjoy a large view on all Banni region, Kutchh and Pakistan border.

Saurasthra welcome you with a large cultivated flat land, but soon you'll reach the Junagadh where stand the highest mountain of Gujarat : the pilgrimage of Mount Girnar (1 117 m height). Don't miss there the famous national park of Sasan Gir, where you'll be able to observe the lions. Go also on Palitana mountain, one of the five important Jain pilgrimage mount, and visit the island of Div, an ideal holidays destination with its famous sand beaches.

The green Dangs would make you feel as if you reached south India. Visit the hills covered with bamboo and see the levelled rice plantations.

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