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The Kutchhi village of Kharoi is located in the park known as"Amrutbaug", which means the "garden of the nectar of life".

The village is a typical rural structure of the desertic and semi-desertic region of Kutchh, famous in India for its handicraft, and especially the embroideries created by the Rabaris tribes.

In Amrutbaug, you'll be able to experience the life of Kutchh in a cool and tranquil ambiance. The accommodation is made in bhunga, the traditional local mud house, which remains cool throughout the day and the year thanks to
their structures and the constant blowing wind of Kutchh.

The village gives you the opportunity to discover the local handicraft, as well as to take part to workshops organised by the craftsmen themself.

Don't forget also to take a walk in the surrounding garden and around the lac. You'll discover the rich flora and fauna of Kutchh, such as peacocks, migrating birds, blue bull, etc.

Kharoi is an ideal place for visitors desiring to discover the region of Kutchh: the village is less than 100 km away from Bhuj (coming from Ahmedabad), and around 30 km from the little Rann or Salt desert. It is the unique accommodation place from Bachau on the way to the Indus Civilization site

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