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Gujarat has an extremely rich potential of cultural and natural heritage which makes it an ideal destination to discover India, far from the hassle of the metropolis and the big touristic places of the country.

In Gujarat, you can enjoy desert, mountains, green hilly regions, and sea costs. They all keep their own unique fauna and flora, preserve in open and in national parks.

You can also visit the famous jain site and pilgrimage places, or the UNESCO site of Champaneer, as well as other stone mosques of Gujarati style. Don't miss the unique architecture of step well, and old fortified town with gates and palaces.

If you dream to discover the work of field and land, explore the chain of the largest food brand in India (the milk brand Amul ), and discover the field and transformation process of cotton, sugarcane, wheat, ground nut, etc.

Don't forget before coming to check the celebration calender! Gujarat is land of celebration, and you'll keep unforgettable memories of the big festivals like the Ganesh festival, Novratri, the dance festival, Uttrayan, the kite festival, Diwali, new year, Holi, the colour festival of spring, etc.

Celebrations of Gujarat