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We are supporting all types of cultural events, and we regularly organise in various places music concert, theatre plays, traditional and modern dance shows, handicraft demonstration, etc.

We are organising our own events, as well as we are supporting talented artists and groups to accomplish their performing dreams.

We recently presented the handicraft skill of Gujarati artisans at the Indian Festival of Grenoble, in France, in July 2008. We exposed the works of various types of handicrafts and explained their fabrication process.

The SBI gave us the responsibility, in June 2006, to organize a danse show, and we presented traditional tribel danses of Gujarat at the .... The vent was dedicate to the artists of Vadodara.

We sponsored the creation of a theatre group, Nandi Arts, which has been now performing since several years, and also got many awards.

In collaboration with the Embassy of France in India, we organized in April 2005 ?a big event in Ahmedabad related to heritage. The festival aimed to present the rich building heritage of the pols in Ahmedabad, while remembering various performing art traditions like traditional music, theatre (...), story telling, Mane Bhat and handicraft.

We organised different events related to Lothal, one of the Indus civilization site of Gujarat. At the Novratri festival in 2005?, we presented the handicraft work that is supposed to have been known in the cities of this well developed civilization. A potter demonstrated pottery work.

We also organized a festival at Lothal itself with similar life experience of the live of the Lothal city, as it was demonstration.