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Gujarat is the land of celebrations, and at which ever time you may visit it, you'll be able to witness and participate to some festival or cultural event. Just at the end of the rainy season, colourful statues of the God Ganesh invades the streets of Ahmedabad and Vadodara. By the end of the festival, for Ganesh Shathurti, the statue are taken from their place and submerge in the rivers and waters.

One of most followed and extraordinarily colourful celebration of Gujarat is the dance festival Navratri. During nine night, all the young people, wearing the traditional dresses, rush to the dancing ground to dance and celebrate all night the Shakti of ...

In October or November comes Diwali, the new year of Hindu calender which is celebrated by thousands of small lights kept on the houses and the shops.

Uttrayan, the kite festival, is a unique feature of Gujarat. Be in Ahmedabad or Vadodara for this occasion, you'll see the sky filled with colourful paper kites and other flying objects. The city of Ahmedabad organise at this occasion a competition where people show their flying creations.

With the spring comes Holi, the colour festival, which is celebrated in various manners according to the regions. While people play with colours in the towns on the second day, Dhuleti, on the land, the people celebrate the rabi crop and
the emphasis is given the day of Holi itself. A huge fire is prepared to commemorate the end of the devil Holika.

Additionally to this age old celebration, cultural events like music concerts, Indian classical danse show, theatre, processions, etc. are organized through out the year by various organisations.

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