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If you search support for a project related to art and culture, if you want to visit Gujarat, and for any further information, contact one of our leading group member:

Contact Azra for : -art work and Krishi Mangal-
artistic work, and services related to any artistic work (printing, art material supply, preparation of display, etc.) and museology.
in english, hindi, gujarati.

Contact Ilesh for : -cultural events and outdoors-
- organising a cultural event in or outside Gujarat (dance, music, theatre, handicraft, etc.), and get information about the actual events.

- preparing an outdoor for your class or a group of children.
in english, hindi, gujarati.

Contact Sara for : -ecotourism and handicraft- organising a stay in Gujarat, staying at one of our places or in other accommodation of Gujarat, taking part to a work-

shop, and arranging anything related to your visit in Gujarat.
in english, french, german.