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Ahmedabadis are well known for their business nature, and one should say that their got in inheritance centuries of flourishing trade activities.

In that process, the city of Ahmedabad was enriched by a multitude of havelis, the richly decorated houses of prosperous merchants. Fortunately, some areas of the old city conserved the ancient urban structures, the pols, and the wonderful havelis.

We invite you to discover the magnificent wood carvings of those ahmdabadi havelis, and to experience the daily life of a pol, which is a quite and safe structure in the urban space.

You'll also be able to explore the walled city of Ahmedabad with its famous vegetable and cloth market, Manek chowk and Dargarvadh, as well as the well-known stone mosque, which master piece, the jali of the Sidi Sayyed mosque, is kept as the symbol of Ahmedabad city.

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